The Vortingaer Forest is the largest forest in Nareikk, a small icy country in the north of Jhalinfale that exists for the latter part of the Age of War. The forest has an area of well over a thousand acres, and is one of the largest forests in Untaer, though it pales in comparison with Kviliai, the great wood of Koatesh, or the Forest of Lies in Mescanith.

Geography Edit

Vortingaer Forest is the better part of Nareikk's wooded countryside, which is made up of Vortingaer and Nurmana Forest. Separating the two is a large grassy floodplain which was, prior to Naiakana's colonisation of Nareikk, a lake. The forest envelops much of the Nareikk countryside, and there are some settlements and landmarks within it, including mountains an lakes. The forest also creates a semicircle which encloses Avaritum, the capital of Nareikk, from which the country is governed by the Council of Avaritum.

It is worthy of note that the Vortingaer Forest consists mainly of oak trees, and this may explain why Nareikk's flag and standard is a green oak ringed with gold on a white field.

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