Vjurek is the mayor of Persinai, an oddly-constructed town in the north of Nareikk that lies between Nurmana Forest and Vortingaer Forest. He is encountered briefly in Chapter XII - "Persinai".

Role in the Book Edit

Vjurek does not have a large part in Violet Sword Blade, and simply introduces himself to the Kazdriel army making their way back from Brimsail after successfully liberating it. Vjurek allows the Kazdriel to stay in Persinai until they are ready to leave.

His name is an interesting subject. Vjurek sounds as though it is a combination of both Sjuran and the language of Nareikk, because of the sounds used to make the name. While "Vju" is a common Sjuran prefix, "rek" sounds very much like a Nareikk word. It may be that he has mixed parents, as Sjura and Nareikk were allied for several years.