Verrenka Lake is a small lake that is located in the northern reaches of Jhalinfale, named by the people of Nareikk, where it was located for much of the late Age of War and early Age of Peace.

Geography Edit

Verrenka lake is the largest body of water west of the River Sormaros in Nareikk, aside from Barsilai Lake which acts as the source of the Sormaros. The lake, despite its relative size, is often frozen over in the harsh winters of Western Nareikk.

It is very close to the village of Hanasae, part of a small trading triangle of villages in the far west of Nareikk which gets some of its food from fishing in the lake, and another of the villages, Marann, has an inn named "The Frozen Lake" after Verrenka Lake.

Mentions Edit

The lake features somewhat prominently in Violet Sword Blade, a book in the Untaer Archives. In the book, the protagonist, Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, remembers how he and his brother, Merran Kein Rettensauth, used to go out on trips to the lake, where they would play around the frozen cluster-ice on its banks, and try to break the ice into pieces.

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