The Green Oak is a pub in the Lareoss town of Clarust existing in the late Age of War, around the year 1257. It was established by Narissa Landann, a Nareikker who, some years earlier, had fought in the Kazdriel during the Xianorus Campaign, a military operation which brought an army of Nareikkers and Kazdriel through Danetha and to the border of Lareoss, where the catastrophic Battle of Laberan Fields was fought. Narissa fought in and survived the battle, and afterwards went east to the town of Clarust and set up an inn there.

The Green Oak, named so after the Nareikk coat of arms, which is a green oak tree, circled in gold on a white field, is a large inn and can easily house several hundred people. A lengthy description of the inn is given in the opening chapter of The Starlit King, "Red Dawn", and describes it as having a "polished hall that led off in three ways. To the left, an open doorway into the bar area, where Miss Landann or one of her maids would serve drinks ... To the right lay a private room, a haughty and well-kept lounge that Narissa reserved for the finest guests [and] directly in front ... lay the front door." There is also a staircase which leads to the rooms, all of which have "a small, single bed, with a brown feather-stuffed mattress and a white sheet" or two of the same bed, and an en-suite washroom.

The Inn was used heavily in 1257 AoW, when the Drifting Legion, a platoon in the Royal Army of Lareoss, stayed in Clarust after a series of battles against the forces of Koatesh, both on and off Lareossi soil. The legion stayed in Clarust for several weeks, before moving off to the town of Riefarrian.

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