Taserks is a Cantharan warrior who fights as a second-in-command in the army of Zethix Dakrannsson.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Taserks is described as a "tall, grinning man with matted black hair" and he wears, just like all of the Cantharan soliders, traditional black armour worn by the Black Guard, an organisation of rebel warriors from Penethara, the island-nation that the Cantharans came from. He has a long, curved scimitar, which he fights with extremely well.

Taserks, when he was captured by the Danethans after his part in the rebellion of the Cantharan youths, led by Zethix, he was tortured in horribly psychological ways that drove him mad. Taserks is insane, and this shows in his dialogue and actions. He grins and laughs at serious situations, and is constantly making light of disasters and poking fun at people. He delights especially at irritating Lady Dithasia, the Danethan heir to the throne, and shows her little respect. Even when he is killed by Mazzek Rettensauth he laughs, mocking Mazzek for his campaign.

Despite this, however, Taserks is still a brilliant fighter, and is capable of fighting several soldiers at once. He delights in battle and is one of Zethix's finest warriors.