Tallor is a young member of the Kazdriel who is encountered as a minor character in Violet Sword Blade, one of the books of the Untaer Archives. Tallor is a friend to Xianorus, the captain of the Kazdriel army which invades Danetha during the Xianorus Campaign, and plays a small part in the plot of the book.

Role in the Book Edit

Tallor is first met by Mazzek in Fort Sarmenarin, when Xianorus and he are going on a tour of the abode of The Watch. Mazzek accompanies them and speaks shortly with Tallor. From then he is mentioned tangentially, and plays no part until the Battle of Theurnan Cleft, in which he takes a message to Fort Sarmenarin following Xianorus' death, detailing his departure in battle to Xianorus' sister, Vanoria.

Following his delivery of the message in Sarmenarin, Baron Dulcera, the fort's leader, sends messages to Nareikk calling for reinforcements to aid the Kazdriel advance, and these are given, in the form of Commander Anaglan and his platoon, who then follow Mazzek's army. It is unclear as to what fate befalls Tallor, but it is likely he either stayed in Fort Sarmenarin or went back to Nareikk at some point.

Trivia Edit

  • Tallor's name apparently comes from Alex Taylor, the author of the Untaer Archives, who claims that Tallor was a brief nickname of his at school, when he was writing Violet Sword Blade.

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