Sornbridge is a Nareikk settlement which lies upon the banks of the River Sormaros, a wide and fast-flowing river that runs through the majority of Nareikk's countryside and beyond, beginning at Barsilai Lake and ending at its joining with the River Bjuane.

Location Edit

Sornbridge stands on the only crossing of the Sormaros, and has a surprisingly small revenue and size considering its relative importance. The Sormaros separates Western Nareikk from the rest of the country, and without Sornbridge there would be no crossing. That said, the settlement is a mere hamlet, a very small and insignificant place which has little in the way of economic purpose or military value.

According to Oscrael, a member of the Kazdriel who passes through the hamlet in Violet Sword Blade, the land around the village is rich in rare kinds of rock, and Sornbridge has trade routes with Overdain, the largest town in Western Nareikk, and trades ore for supplies. Oscrael also takes a sample of the rocks in a small metal tin.

Features Edit

The hamlet of Sornbridge, other than the bridge itself, is insignificant and small. The buildings are small, one-roomed wooden huts that cluster around the bridge, which is built of black stone and is wide enough to fit several people on at once. The place is described only briefly, but it is apparent that the buildings are flimsily made, and Mazzek Rettensauth, the protagonist of Violet Sword Blade, comments that the huts would not have been able to survive a snowstorm. There is a single guard assigned to the town, who guards the bridge and demands a toll of two Darih to cross.

Role in the Book Edit

In Voilet Sword Blade, the protagonist, Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, and three members of the Kazdriel en route to Jadina, namely Oscrael, Derrassa and Racen, pass through Sornbridge in order to reach the Kazdriel HQ in Jadina. Derrassa notes that the two Darih toll imposed by the guard is a new feature, and, while the guard insists the toll goes to help the war effort, Derrassa believes he is more likely to go to a tavern. This may suggest there is either a tavern in Sornbridge, or that Derrassa expects the guard to travel to Overdain.

Sornbridge is mentioned again only briefly in the book, when the Kazdriel forces under General Martius ponder on the route which they wish to take to Brimsail. At this point, Overdain has been occupied by Danetha, and they decide that Sornbridge would be too risky, as it would too close to the hostile Overdain. On the way back to Jadina, after the successful Battle of Brimsail, Derrassa explains that "Sornbridge, for all we know, is now under Danethan control. So, I guess the only option left is to go through Persinai."

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