The Shru Mountains are a large collection of mountains in the north-west of Senraslihil, the most south-eastern continent of Untaer. They are tall and icebound, their caps permanently snow-capped and their sides housing many glaciers and frozen lakes. The city of Shru, for which the mountains are named, lies in the centre of the range, in a large plateau and rimmed by Lake Lienathrine, a near-constantly frozen lake.

Geography Edit

The Shrus are clumped between two major parts of Senraslihil; the country of Sûcharin with its many bays and coves lies directly to the east of the range, and a vast extensive Salt Marsh separates the Shrus from the Zaggeril Mountains, which form the border between Mescanith and Zafferina. The Shrus themselves consist of several snowy peaks and crags which are parted in the middle by a giant plateau on which the city of Shru is built. Here there is only one pass joining the plateau to the rest of the country, Black Valley, a narrow and imposing pass with enormously high walls of rock on either side, casting the valley in a near-permanent shadow, giving it its title.