Senraslihil is one of the five continents of Untaer, and is the south-easternmost of them. It is widely known for being the most naturally beautiful and resource-rich of the continents, and is also a fairly diverse continent, housing mountains, forests and rivers.

Etymology Edit

Senraslihil's name is the only continent name which is not derived from the Old Tongues. Instead, it is taken from the Elriéneth language, and comes from the words "senras" and "lihila" meaning "beautiful" and "landscape" respectively. The countries in Senraslihil's names generally derive from individual cultures' languages, and by the end of the Age of War the continent is something of a melting-pot of cultures.

Geography Edit

A stark contrast to the other continents in Untaer, Senraslihil's climate and layout has remained more-or-less unchanged throughout history. Its west coast is jagged cliffs and small archipelagos of windswept isles and swamps, and this extends north to the many bays and natural docks of Sûcharin. Along the north coast there lie the Shru Mountains and the long line of the Zaggeril Mountains, the head of which is separated from the Shrus by a large salt marsh.

To the shouth, the Zaggeril Mountains come to an end on the southern coast, where they join with the natural ring of mountains which surrounds the barren land of Prawl. Turning east, the last Elriéneth cities of Esliria and Limíslan are hidden between the Forest of Lies which rims the Kushluk Sea, an inland saltwater lake, and the impassable Cohferro Valley. In the centre of the diverse land, through which the River Fiorst runs, there is a large, open plain known as the Jurnsal Basin.

History Edit

Early Senraslihil history is shrouded in a fair amount of secrecy. What is known is that the Elriéneth were the first race to have colonised it, and it is sometimes said that it is their natural homeland.