The Second War of Mescanith is a conflict which occurred from the years 1243 to 1246 of the Age of War. The conflict was fought between Krallash, a Kosaphen-born general who has a large following and a city named after him, and the Imperial Army of Mescanith, an organisation which replaced the Craetarin Alliance in 1220.

Background Edit

Prior to the Second War of Mescanith, Krallash and his forces had fought against Craetarin settlers for Mescanith, a paradisic landscape that Krallash's Kosapheni followers hoped to colonise after their homeland was invaded by Vousana, a large archipelago of islands in eastern Jurlafale.

The Craetarin Alliance attempted to colonise the west of Mescanith while Krallash settled in the north. Soon after the Craetarins extended their hold on the western area of the country, and built a town on the banks of the River Rienour, which separated Krallash's north from the rest of the country, Krallash attacked, and overran the city, declaring war on the Alliance. After a year and a half of warfare which yielded few victories for either side, just a great loss of life, both armies mobilised and met in the Jurnsal Basin, which lies in the middle of Mescanith, and fought there for almost three months. When finally the battle ends, in May 1220 Krallash claims victory, and, shortly afterwards, Craetarin ambassadors from Harenbuler and Cresthan came to Krallash to negotiate the end of the war.

The terms were that no more war would be made in Mescanith, and Krallash would not pursue his ambition to conquer the rest of the country, instead staying in the north, and that the Craetarin Alliance would dsband if this promise was kept. Krallash agreed.

Years of Peace Edit

In the next twenty years, Krallash and the Imperial Army of Mescanith were at peace. In 1223, Mescanith even called to Krallash for aid, asking that his powerful cavalry help their capital city of Créace (formerly Cresthan) from a brutal rebellion by the people of Bemerah, the native inhabitants of the area Créace was built. Krallash's men are sent and the rebellion is quelled in under two months, driving the majority of the Bemerah population down into the south-west of the country in the cold, windswept and rocky landscape there. It is at this time that Krallash, who had ridden personally to the aid of Créace, discovers the city of Pois, inhabited by colonists from Penethara, a small archipelago of islands in the southern hemisphere of Untaer. Krallash quickly makes an alliance with them and then leaves for his own lands.