Sakrah Outpost is a small outpost in Northern Danetha. It is mentioned a few times throughout Violet Sword Blade, chiefly in the Chapter "A Hostile Scout" which takes place at the outpost itself.

Layout Edit

Sakrah Outpost was a small encampment that had a garrison of seven Danethan soldiers. The place was made up of four buildings; two huts which were used for dwellings, where the soldiers stationed there ate, drank and slept, a sawmill which helped generate excess wealth for Danetha by felling trees, cutting them into planks and shipping them away to Thelarnesis, and a tall watchtower which was fitted with bows and a horn used to warn of enemy attack.

Inhabitants Edit

Role in the Book Edit

After the events of the Attack on Fort Sarmenarin, the Kazdriel army led by Captain Xianorus fleeing the fort come across Sakrah Outpost in their travels in the Sacrime Desert. The outpost had previously been used by Cantharan troops to move through on their way to Sarmenarin to attack it, and when the Kazdriel arrived they burned the outpost to the ground, killing all of the soldiers there apart from Ceiden, who was not present at the time.

Aftermath Edit

When Ceiden saw his outpost had been burned down, he became angry, and followed the Nareikk forces for several months, until he found his way to their camp at Tarethec Bay, whereupon he cut his way into Captain Mazzek's tent using his Danethan Service Knife, hoping to assassinate him. However, he was captured and brought to Mazzek, who spoke to him, and was eventually able to glean information about Iluvana's Caverns, eventually leading to the Kazdriel's success at the Second Battle of Dunac.