The River Sormaros, sometimes simply shortened to Sormaros, is a wide and fast-flowing river which runs through the country of Nareikk, beginning at a large lake called Barsilai Lake, and ending in Danetha with its joining of the larger River Bjuane.

Geography Edit

The Sormaros is a large and wild river, which has been known, even at its most shallow areas, such as those surrounded by the Nurmana Forest, to be fierce and angry, and crossing by foot or by horse it is difficult, if not impossible at some places. The river acts as a border which separates Western Nareikk, a sparsely populated third of the country containing settlements such as Overdain, Brimsail and Hanasae, from the rest of the more densely populated country.

The River Sormaros has only one true crossing, and that is the hamlet of Sornbridge. Sornbridge is a small settlement that exists only to provide a bridge across the Sormaros, and its inhabitants are isolated and, for the most part, poor. Other than trade with the nearby town of Overdain, the hamlet sees no revenue, and travellers passing through rarely stay long to trade, and if they do, only buy the bare essentials they need to see them on into Middle Nareikk, where towns such as Jadina can provide whatever they need. The only other way to pass over the Sormaros without being in danger of drowning is to go around, near Brimsail, where Barsilai Lake stands. This particular route was once favoured by the Kazdriel, in 1246 Age of War.

In Violet Sword Blade Edit

During Violet Sword Blade, a book in the Untaer Archives, a contingent of the Kazdriel passes over the Sormaros twice, and the protagonist, Mazzek Rettensauth, passes it three times, first going through Sornbridge with three Kazdriel members named Derrassa, Racen and Oscrael, then going through the river with the Kazdriel at Nurmana Forest, where one member of the movement falls prey to the river's viciousness and is drowned. The route passing north over the river is then taken by the Kazdriel on their way back from the successful Battle of Brimsail.

Later in the book, a unit of soldiers from the Army of Nareikk, led by Commander Anaglan, sails down the Sormaros on a large boat filled with men and arms, all the way from Brimsail to the River Bjuane, and down all the way to a small lake called the Amthracan Lake near the town of Broutarin, simply to reinforce the Kazdriel members of the Xianorus Campaign, and to present Mazzek Rettensauth, who is now a general, with his sword, Elénai.

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