Rettensauth is the name of an influential family of Naiakanan descent. The family were among those to move (or partially move) to the southern continent of Jhalinfale and found a new country called Nareikk in the early Age of Exploration.

The family gained fame when Mazzek Kein Rettensauth took part in the Xianorus Campaign, a military movement organised by the Kazdriel, and commanded an army at the Battle of Laberan Fields, an act which in a roundabout way brought the Fall of Danetha.

Known Geneology Edit

Dezzarn Kein Rettensauth = Unnamed woman
              |                        |
Merran Kein Rettensauth      Mazzek Kein Rettensauth = Erinah Resoni
                                              Rhiane Resoni

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