Prawl is a country in southern Senraslihil that existed in the mid Age of War. The country plays a part in the book Myths, where the forces of Prawl fight alongside Krallash in the Second War of Mescanith, and is mentioned briefly in Untouched World.

Geography Edit

Prawl is a very secluded country, mainly desert and wasteland with few resources such as trees and ores, which is surrounded on three sides by a mountain-range, with one valley granting access to the country. On the southern side, the country backs onto the sea, though few Prawl cities are built on the shoreline, and they have no naval force and barely any trade by water. Some ships occasionally sail there from Sûcharin to trade, but there is little need for it, as Prawl is largely self-sufficient.

Notable features Edit

  • Merenest - a large lake which stretches from the mountains on the east side of the country for seven miles westward, where the majority of the population gathers, living on the banks of the lake and fishing and farming the land there. It is also important for Prawl's religion, said to be where their god Rarolad descended into the water with an army of horses, telling the people of Prawl that he would return when they proved themselves as great warriors.
  • Velkrilian - Prawl's capital city which was constructed in 1230 by Krallash and his men, who were allied with Prawl, for which the Prawl Champion was named.

History Edit

The people of Prawl were roughly descended from the Ancient People, one of the tribes who followed the Elriéneth ships from Huranaifale back to Senraslihil to serve them. The Prawl, however, unlike the Bemerah and the people of Cohferro, who doted upon and almost worshipped the Elriéneth, did not share the same enthusiasm for long, and eventually the Prawl, who were a violent and savage tribe, sought to attack the Elriéneth and destroy their civilization. They attacked the Elriéneth in the Battle of Eltrestí, and the majority of them were massacred. They fled south to a desert country where the Elriéneth did not go, and settled there, living there in seclusion for several hundred years. Here they formed their own culture and religion, and became more savage and violent, their society bent on revenge against the Elriéneth.

For several centuries the people of Prawl continued to exist, self-reliant and remaining largely tribal and primative. Their technology evolved extremely slowly, and, without the Elriéneth to guide them, Prawl had little law or order. In the early 1200s, however, a man named Krallash, who had landed in the north of the country of Mescanith, and quickly allied himself with the secluded country, giving him strategic advantages over both the north and south of Mescanith. He also extended hands of peace to the cities of Shru and Pois, though the forces of Prawl were among his most powerful soldiers.

Involvement in the War Edit

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