Persinai is a town in Northern Nareikk that lies between the two massive forests; the Nurmana Forest and the Vortingaer Forest. It features somewhat in the book Violet Sword Blade, where the characters pass through in chapter XII - "Persinai"

Geography Edit

Persinai lies on a flat, low-lying basin that separates both of Nareikk's dense forests, a stretch of land which used to be a large inland lake. The land was reclaimed and the lake drenched when settlers from Naiakana arrived in the land, and Persinai was founded. However, due to its location in a lowland valley, the land was incredibly prone to flooding, and to combat this the town of Persinai was built in such a way as to avoid damage to the town.

Almost all of the buildings in the town are built on "stilts", and large rows of houses are made on platforms fashioned from enormous slabs of slate which are balanced on other slabs of stone or wooden and rock pillars. The buildings can go on like this for three or four storeys, making the highest buildings in the town (usually inns or stately homes) are over fifty feet in the air.

Levels are connected by ladders (which can be retracted in times of emergency) or stone staircases, and it appears from the short description of the town in Violet Sword Blade, which states "All of the important buildings in Persinai were built on the upper levels of the town, so they were not damaged if the town flooded", suggesting that the rich and higher-class inhabitants of Persinai can afford to have their houses built higher above the often-flooded ground.

Role in the Book Edit

In Violet Sword Blade, the forces of the Kazdriel return to their Headquarters in Jadina after their successful liberation of Brimsail on the north coast. General Martius and his forces pass through the town, then governed by Vjurek, and stock up on supplies while they are there. Shortly after their passing through, they encounter the Cantharan Cavalry which have attacked a camp of Nareikk Soldiers south of the town and then fight them north of Jadina, a catastrophic encounter later referred to as the Battle of Jadina. After the Cantharans pull out, it is unknown where they head to, and it may be possible that Persinai, which is not mentioned again in the book, is attacked by them.

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