Ori Tigeret is a character in Myths, the final book in the Krallash Trilogy. He is from the town of Burja, which lies at the edge of the Jurnsal Basin in Mescanith, and is one of the primary protagonists in the book, along with Garavious Skreit and Shaeyala.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ori is a young man of twenty with short, dark hair which is unkempt and shabby. He wears a painted mask on his face at all times, which was taken from his brother, Osir Tigeret upon his death. He wears only cloth trousers and a belt, his bare, muscled chest covered in tattoos of various depictions such as a black sun, a lizard and a snake. He fights with two curved and twisted daggers.

As a character, Ori is aggressive, irritable and cold towards friends and enemies alike. He openly refuses help from those he fights with, and sides with General Greas' forces only to reach his own ends and achieve revenge against those who wronged his family. Despite this, he has some feelings towards Shaeyala, a woman from his village who was betrothed to his brother, but it is unclear whether he has any romantic interest in her, or whether he just feels protective towards her.

Bio Edit

Early Life Edit

Born and bred in Burja, Ori's experience of the world is limited at best, and he knows little of others' customs or cultures. He is, however, a great practicioner of the ways of the Bemerah and the other native tribes to Mescanith, and feels that his people were oppressed, not only by Krallash, his enemy, but also by the people of Créace and Garvisoul, though he still sides with them.

Ori is the younger of the two sons of Toreg Tigeret, the chieftain of Burja, and his brother, Osir, is the only person he looks up to when growing up, feeling that his father favours only Osir and not him.

Service to Mescanith Edit

In the year 1245, Krallash's General, Karusath, attacks and destroys the town of Burja with his cavalry forces. Osir is killed in the battle, and Ori takes his mask and fights off the attackers, killing several. When his father's men eventually come out of hiding to fight, Ori pushes him away and leaves the village, taking Shaeyala, his brother's betrothed, with him, and they eventually come across Greas' legion of the Imperial Army of Mescanith, and befriend Garavious, though Ori remains cold and withdrawn for the majority of the book.

Travelling with Greas' army only so he can get revenge on Karusath, Ori becomes entangled in the Second War of Mescanith and is forced to take part in several battles, eventually playing a pivotal part in the Battle of Gorenly Keep, where he eventually achieves his wish of getting revenge on General Karusath and killing him in a duel, only to be killed moments later by multiple enemy soldiers overwhelming him.

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