Orathes is the name of a Cantharan private who features briefly in Chapter XLII of Violet Sword Blade, "Tortured Mind".

Role in the Book Edit

Orathes is present in the Cantharan camp after they flee the city of Dunac upon losing the Second Battle of Dunac, along with Astix. The two of them have a brief conversation about their armour, and Orathes complains about his helmet having been dented by an arrow fired by a Kazdriel archer. Orathes asks if the company's smith has an anvil, but is informed by Astix that the smith had died.

While the two are talking, a lone Danethan footsoldier, the last surviving guard of Lady Dithasia, comes out of hiding in a small burrow and steals Orathes' horse, cutting through its tether with his Danethan Service Knife. He rides off, presumably to Thelarnesis, the capital of Danetha, to inform Emperor Camadrai II of Zethix's planned betrayal.