The Occupation of Overdain is a name applied to a conflict in the war between Nareikk and Danetha which took place for several months in 1246, in which the town of Overdain in Western Nareikk fell under the control of the Danethan Military.

Background Edit

The war between Nareikk and Danetha had been going on for several years, and in the winter of 1245 AoW an army of Danethan footsoldiers, backed and supported by Cantharan cavalry led by Zethix Dakrannsson, entered Nareikk through the Narzama Mountains in the far west of the country, and laid waste to every small settlement they came across, including Marann, Toriba and Hanasae. Overdain was the largest town in Western Nareikk at the time, and when the Danethan footsoldiers came to it they occupied it rather than razing it.

Conflict Edit

The Occupation of Overdain went on from the 17th of December 1245 for eight months to August of 1246, where a contingent of the Army of Nareikk led by Councillor Rathéra of the Coucil of Avaritum exacted a liberation of Overdain, and though there are no official figures of the battle, it is thought that the Danethan occupants of the town surrendered or fled at the sight of the Nareikk army's arrival.

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