The Nurmana Forest is a forest in northern Nareikk. It features fairly prominently in the early chapters of Violet Sword Blade, a book concerning Nareikk and Danetha. It is a large and dense forest which provides most of Northern Nareikk with wood needed in construction, particularly around the town of Brimsail, which always needs a ready supply of lumber for its many ships.

Geography Edit

Running through the centre of the Nurmana Forest is the wide and fast-flowing River Sormaros, which effectively and cleanly separates Western and Western Nareikk. The forest lies heavily on both sides of the river, and runs right up to the shores of Barsilai Lake. On the Eastern side of the Sormaros the forest is wild and runs for miles, stretching right from the river to the southern entrance of Brimsail, though there are some roads and paths that run through the trees from Overdain and other towns in Western Nareikk.

On the Eastern side, however, the Nurmana forest is cut short by a large, wide grassy basin which, in times of pre-settlement by the people of Naiakana, was a large, wide lake which separated the Nurmana Forest from the much larger Vortingaer Forest on the eastern shore of the lake. This, when Nareikk first developed as a naton, was drenched and the town of Persinai was erected in the middle of the now empty lake.

Role in the Book Edit

The Nurmana Forest plays some part in Violet Sword Blade, a book in the Untaer Archives. In it, the forces of the Kazdriel, en route to liberate Brimsail, passed through the forest in order to get to the town due to Overdain's occupation by the Danethan Military. Seeing it as the most direct route, General Martius orders the soldiers through the forest and through the Sormaros, an act which ultimately leads to the death of one of their soldiers. On the way back from Brimsail, the Kazdriel strategically avoid the Nurmana Forest, lest another soldier be lost to the river.

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