The Nai'shanuk Leader is a moniker given to the otherwise-unnamed leader of the force of Nai'shanuk that serve Zethix Dakrannsson in the book Violet Sword Blade. In the story, Zethix summons the Nai'shanuk, likely from the parallel realm of Skútareth which is connected to Untaer magically, to aid him in his fight against the Nareikkers and earn his right to be the bodyguard of Emperor Camadrai II, and henceforth kill him.

The Nai'shanuk Leader is one of many Nai'shanuk Zethix summons, and is different from the other Nai'shanuk in, among other things, his outfit. He shares the same dull bronze armour of the other Nai'shanuk, but he wears more, and also has a plume of bright feathers upon a headdress which he wears to show his authority. He also differentiates from the ordinary creatures because he understands human speech, and converses with Mazzek Kein Rettensauth before his death during the Second Battle of Dunac.

In the battle which seals his fate, the Nai'shanuk Leader is able to kill Commander Anaglan, a captain in the Army of Nareikk, as well as many other members of the army and the Kazdriel, before he meets his death at the hands of Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, who employs the use of his sword, Elénai, the use of his magic, and the use of a small pistol given to him by Ceana, a diplomat from Mescanith. After a long, drawn-out fight, the Nai'shanuk Leader falls, but still has will enough to openly mock Mazzek, spitting and calling him "Filthy little human" and giving a short monologue about the human race.

"You humans… with all your ingenuity and power… you’re weak. Pathetic. Think… You have all this power at your disposal… you could become the mightiest race of warriors. But instead, what do you do? You squabble amongst yourselves. You fight wars with your own kind, instead of uniting and fighting a common enemy. Think… when was the last time you saw two Nai'shanuk fighting?"

He then laughs mockingly before he chokes on his own thick blood and dies, his bones breaking into pieces, as is the way with Nai'shanuk. The short speech is crude, but effective, and plants several seeds of doubt into Mazzek's heart, though he continues on.

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