Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, sometimes referred to as merely Mazzek Rettensauth or Mazzek of Nareikk, is a Nareikk-born soldier who fought in the Kazdriel in the year 1246 of the Age of War. He is the main protagonist of the book Violet Sword Blade, which is named after the sword he wields throughout the book.

Appearance Edit

Mazzek is a young man of seventeen when the book begins, with a thin, wiry frame and light blonde, almost white, hair which hangs over his eyes, which are cold and blue. The clothing he wears is simple, being a young farmboy, though he, like most who live in his area, wears warm, thick clothing, usually brown in colour, and a cloak to keep snow off his clothes. As he progresses through the ranks of the Kazdriel, however, he gains armour and weapons, and by the end of the book his clothes are fine and his armour well-made and sturdy.

Personality Edit

The book gives a great deal of insight into Mazzek's personality and emotions. He is noble and brave, often taking on tasks that put him in direct danger, though he is quick to rush into things and is very stubborn: once he has made up his mind about something, nobody can stop him from doing it. He is shown time and again to be very devoted to his "quest" of revenge against his parents' deaths, and is protective of his friends and relatives because he is afraid of losing them as he did his mother and father.

Mental Illness Edit

While it does not state it in the book, it is heavily implied that Mazzek has manic depression, a condition which makes the sufferer's mood fluctuate dramatically. Alex Taylor, author of Violet Sword Blade and the whole Untaer Archives series, stated that "as the book progressed, I started noticing more and more that Mazzek was bi-polar." Mazzek does have a tendency to be happy and hopeful one moment, and then depressed and uninspired the next. Particularly when he is preparing for a battle, Mazzek dwells on his worries and memories of his dead family, and despairs, frequently confiding in Erinah Resoni for reassurance.