Marann is a small village situated in Northwestern Nareikk. It is part of a trading triangle of villages in Nareikk consisting of Marann, Toriba and Hanasae.

Location Edit

Marann is located on the west side of the River Sormaros, Nareikk's second-biggest river, in an isolated part of Nareikk close to the foothills of the Narzama Mountains. It is connected by road to both Toriba and Hanasae, and is the easternmost village of the triangle.

Because of its remote location, Marann is not heavily guarded by the Army of Nareikk, and has few guards. The trading triangle is self-sufficient and hence has little need of links to the outside world, though trade is sometimes conducted with the town of Overdain.

Features Edit

While all three of the villages are small and insignificant, they each have something to their name that the other two villages do not possess. Marann is the only village in the triangle with any inns, housing two taverns called "The Frozen Lake" and "Ruthor's Hammer", named after Ruthor, an old Nareikker hero.

Role in the Book Edit

In Violet Sword Blade, Marann is mentioned several times. When the Danethan Military invades Nareikk through the Narzama Mountains, Marann and the other villages in the trading triangle, including Hanasae, Mazzek Rettensauth's hometown, are destroyed. Scouts are dispatched to attempt to deliver messages to Overdain and the Kazdriel settlement of Jadina, across the River Sormaros, though in taking Mazzek with them, the messengers were slowed in their progress and their messages were delivered to Overdain too late; it fell under Danethan control just over a week later, the final stroke in the Danethan occupation of the west side of the Sormaros. Marann was never rebuilt, and there were no survivng villagers to attempt to take back the area.

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