Lokaren is the name of a young recruit of the Army of Nareikk who features as a minor character in Violet Sword Blade, one of the books of the Untaer Archives. Lokaren is a corporal and is the "only surviving soldier with some kind of rank to his name" in his platoon, which was devastated by Cantharans. He is described as "a rather untidy looking ruffian, who looked barely older than Xianorus", and is ill when introduced into the plot.

Role in the Book Edit

Lokaren's part in Violet Sword Blade is miniscule. He arrives at Fort Sarmenarin, where the Kazdriel army is staying at the time, in the chapter "New Faces", and claims to be part of a platoon which was en route to link up with Fort Sarmenarin. Baron Dulcera says "I’d heard you were coming, but you were supposed to be here a week ago!", implying that the platoon was expected, but Lokaren informs him that their camp was attacked, and their commanding officer, Captain Lucan, was killed, by an army called the Cantharans, this being the first mention of the name Cantharan in the book.

After the Attack on Fort Sarmenarin, Lokaren follows Xianorus' brigade and leaves the fort, taking what few men he has under his command with him, and follows them to the Green Region, where, at the city of Corensanith, he is killed in the occupation of the city, as told by Oscrael in the chapter "Occupied!"

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