Kviliai is the enormous, immense forest of pine, ash and oak trees that encompasses most of the western and southern sectors of Koatesh, a country in the east of Jhalinfale which is inhabited by the Kosapheni people from the early Age of Exploration. The name Kviliai comes from the Kosapheni word kvili which means wood.

The forest is easily the largest in all of Untaer, and has an area of well over 300,000 acres. It features prominently in the beliefs of the people of Koatesh, and is mentioned briefly in Violet Sword Blade, when Kain, a Koatesh adventurer in search of Iluvana's Caverns, tells Mazzek Kein Rettensauth about his home country, saying "Of course most of the country is forest, so there isn’t all that much living space outside of the trees. I came from a village built in the centre of a great wood, that we call Kviliai, near the eastern seas of the country".

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