Krallash's Champions are six warriors who were chosen by Krallash, the leader of a people made up of Kosapheni refugees who dwelt in Senraslihil from 1213 to 1246 Age of War, to protect his empire and strengthen his influence among his allies.

Krallash, shortly before the Second War of Mescanith, made personal trips to each of his allies' cities, namely Shru, Velkrilian and Pois, and hand picked the strongest warrior from each of them and took them back to his city to train them.

When he visited each city Krallash, organised a tournament for the most powerful warriors in the province to prove themselves against each other until only one came out on top. These were conducted over the course of a day, and the winner was picked by nightfall in each city, after having faced multiple foes in a gladiatorial contest.

The champions were, by name:

  • Velkrilian - the chief of the Prawl's son won the tournament in Velkrilian, and was taken by Krallash and renamed after the city that Krallash helped the Prawl build.
  • Galathai - the strongest warrior in Shru, renamed Khand by Krallash.
  • Starlonus - a trusted general in Pois who serves Krallash in the Conquest of Bemerah, and later lands at Baenalis Bay to stage the attack on Gorenly Keep.

In addition to his allies' champions, Krallash also selects three of his own people to serve as Champions:

  • Vantris and Keshla - two young warriors who often work as a double-team. Vantris has twin swords and blades on his shoes, and Keshla wields an awesome two-handed broadsword.
  • General Karusath - Krallash's right-hand man and well-trusted friend serves as his sixth Champion until his death at Gorenly Keep, whereupon he is replaced by Krallash's pseudo-son, Kasvir.

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