The Kazdriel is a military organisation operating in Nareikk, and working against the Danethan Military to liberate the country from the Danethans' oppression.

Etymology Edit

The word "Kazdriel" comes from two Kosapheni words, "kaza" meaning soldier or warrior, and "driel" meaning blood. In Kosapheni, kazdriel is a term applied to a trained assassin, and the Nareikker founders of the organisation comes from a failed attempt by Koatesh forces in 1224, where several Koatesh assassins were dispatched into Danetha's capital of Thelarnesis in an attempt to murder the Emperor, Sacrein. Though the assassins were discovered and executed in May of the same year, their legacy lived on and inspired the Nareikk organisation's name and principles.

History Edit

Formation Edit

The Kazdriel was formed in year 1228 of the Age of War (22 years before the events of Violet Sword Blade), following the attempt on Emperor Sacrein's life in 1224. The Council of Avaritum, the ruling body of Nareikk, was not using the full power of their forces, and the Army of Nareikk was seldom dispatched to help push back the Danethan Military which threatened the country. Many soldiers from the army broke off and formed their own organisation, and this they named Kazdriel. Within a short time, the group had over 2000 members, and they began to send elite, well-trained soldiers to occupied towns and fight back against Danethan invaders.

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