Kain is the name of a young Koatesh traveller who features as a minor character in Chapter XL of Violet Sword Blade, "Iluana's Caverns". Kain is looking for the entrance to Iluvana's Caverns so that he may uncover the secrets of Magic.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Kain is described in the book as "...a man of pale complexion, medium-length hair, black as coal, and a silver suit of mail, draped clumsily over his thin form". He wears dull, plain brown clothing and has an armband with the symbol of Koatesh, a silver bird on a pale teal field. He has a short, stubby sword sheathed on his back, which is made of silver and engraven with runes showing it has magical properties.

During his short spell in the book, Kain is shown to be friendly, if slightly smug and conceited. He appears to heavily discriminate, acting very offended when Mazzek asks if he is from Danetha, and refers to it as an "ungodly place". He also seems to think that the Craetarin from which he bought his Eianathope was stupid, saying that he "didn’t know what it did, really". After Kain and Mazzek find their way into Iluvana's Caverns, Kain asks for power, and becomes angry at Iluvana when he is unable to open a door.

Role in the Book Edit

Kain appears only in one chapter of Violet Sword Blades, and doesn't have much of a part in it. He is one of the few people from Koatesh seen in the book. He first meets Mazzek when Mazzek is riding from Tarethec Bay to Iluvana's Caverns after being told by Ceiden, a Danethan scout, about the Lady and her Magic. Kain is also searching for the Caverns and encounters Mazzek on the way. He suggests they look together, and uses an Eianathope, an Elriéneth device designed to help humans see magic, to find the entrance to the Caverns. He then asks for power when Iluvana asks his purpose, but fails to open a door, not knowing how to do so correctly. This makes Kain angry, but he is killed soon after by several Janora stabbing him through the chest.