Jurlafale is one of the five continents of Untaer, located in the east side of the Northern Hemisphere. Jurlafale is mentioned in several books in the Untaer Archives, though only one book takes place there: Krallash.

Etymology Edit

The world Jurlafale comes from a phrase in the Old Tongues, spoken by the Ancient People of Untaer; "jurla" meaning "marshland" and "fale" meaning "continent". It is called so because of the large swamps and mires which cover most of the continent, stretching from the eastern coast to the middle of the continent, and the large islands to the east of the mainland.

Countries Edit

There are seven countries in Jurlafale, including those of both the mainland and islands surrounding.

Kosaphen Edit

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Kosaphen is a large countries which takes up the majority of the continent; from the eastern coast to the middle of the mainland, Kosaphen is mainly composed of forests and swamps, though there are fields and scrubs as well. The country is home to one of the largest shipping empires in the world, exporting much of their produce as far afield as Jhalinfale. The country is engaged in a vicious war with invading islanders from the east, and it seems to be doomed by the war it wages. This book is the location Krallash is set in, and is the home of the protagonist of that book.

Vousana Edit

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Vousana is a collection of small and large islands that lie to the east and north of Kosaphen. These islands are mainly independent from one another, and most have their own chief cities or towns, but the military of all the islands are joined together under the banner of Warlord Vreokah, a harsh and ruthless ruler who burns any enemy village he finds, however weak or innocent. The Kosapheni people try to fight back against the Vousana whenever possible, but the war is highly one-sided.

Other countries Edit

  • Al-Tahash - the eastern part of this two-fold country lies in Jurlafale, the western part in Huranaifale, separated by a small stretch of sea.
  • Satterlania - a small but influential country which is one of the diplomatic centres of Untaer. Many schollars and men of science visit Satterlania because of its many universities and theatres.
  • Krilena - another country derided from the Kriun tribe, a sect of the Ancient Peoples who founded Kosaphen. Was originally part of Kosaphen, but claimed independance in the late Age of Magic.
  • Gethurn - a small, independant country which specialises in the mining of gems, which lie in great quantities under the country's surface.
  • Yulriuc - a very primitave, tribal country which is mainly forest and mountains. It is home to many species of demon and illusive creatures such as Amanua and Haireqash, which are seldom seen elsewhere.

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