Humans are one of the many races which inhabit Untaer, and certainly the most numerous and perhaps the most influential of them all. Humans have, at some point in history, inhabited virtually every square of land in Untaer, and each and every one of the five continents has been colonised by them at one time or another. They have a long and convoluted history, filled with betrayals, wars, kingdoms and rebellions.

Anatomy Edit

Humans on Untaer are physically identical to those on Earth. They are generally between 4 and 6 feet tall, have long arms and legs, and are usually vaguelly muscular if of good health. Obviously, climate, living conditions, social status and nationality are all variables in these calculations, and it can change the outcome dramatically. Human lifespan can be as long as eighty years, though that is a rarity, and the average life expectancy for humans is between forty and sixty years.

Attributes Edit

Humans possess many skills that other races of Untaer lack. They are malleable and adept in virtually any environment they are placed in, and can adapt to their surroundings very quickly. As Human civilisation evolves through the ages, so too do their skills. In the early days of the Human race, in the Age of Creation, most Humans were hunter-gatherers, and rarely lived together in towns and settlements like some races did, and, though they kept in small tribes and sects, they did not settle down, but rather kept on the move, taking what they needed to survive.

In the later days of Untaer, in the Age of Magic and the Age of War, Humans showed to other races their greatest attribute: their battle-prowess. Though Humanity is wide and varied, the one thing that most civilisations have in common is that they are power-hungry and war-mongering.

The majority of the wars and battles that Untaer has seen have been caused by the Human race. Their lust for power and wealth above all other things, unlike races such as the Elriéneth, which value life above all else, make them a dangerous and unpredictable race.

History Edit

Human history is perhaps the most interesting of all the races of Untaer, as it is so complex and ambiguous.

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