Hespar is a minor character in The Starlit King, one of the Untaer Archives books. He is a resident of a small, unnamed village which feeds the nearby town of Riefarrian in Lareoss. Erinah Resoni, a protagonist in both Violet Sword Blade and The Starlit King, also resides in the village.

In Chapters IV and V of the book, Hespar's village comes under attack by a platoon of Danethans intent on cutting off supplies to Riefarrian and take it over, and Hespar is one of the only three survivors of he attack. He is met by Rullan Gaddersson, the main protagonist, when running through the forest to escape the Danethans. He stumbles upon the Drifting Legion, led by General Calrisition, who decides to help the village and sends Rullan, along with several others, to stop the attack.

The Lareoss soldiers defeat the Danethans, and also rescue Erinah and her eleven-year-old daughter, Rhiane Resoni, and Rullan, along with the three refugees, goes on to an outpost to the west. Hespar is an old man, and is very grumpy. He, like most others from Erinah's village, appears to have viewed Erinah and Rhiane in a less-than-favourable light, and Erinah begrudges him for it.