General Karusath is a high-ranking Kosapheni soldier who lives in the late Age of War. He is a trusted friend and advisor of Krallash Kvathransson, and features prominently in all three books of the Krallash Trilogy, part of the Untaer Archives.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Like most Kosapheni, Karusath is a pale, tall, and dark-haired. He is described as handsome, comely and noble, and has a slight beard on his chin. His apparel changes frequently depending on which book he appears in, ranging from him being dressed as an ordinary Kosaphen soldier to a black-and-silver armour combination with a bird-like helmet, in the style of the armour of Koatesh.

Karusath is a calm and collected man who is brave and stalwart. He is often praised for his cool personality and loyalty to his general, Krallash. He also acts as something of a mentor for Kasvir, Krallash's pseudo-son.

Role in Krallash Edit

Karusath's first appearance is in the book Krallash, in which he is a fellow soldier in the platoon Krallash serves in, and quickly befriends him. He is the only character, other than Krallash himself, to feature in each of the three books in the Krallash Trilogy.

Role in Untouched World Edit

Untouched World sees Karusath as more of a background character than the first book, but he still plays an important part in working behind-the-scenes to ensure Krallash is well-governed and supplied while his captain focuses on the First War of Mescanith, fighting against the Craetarin Alliance. It is in this book that he is first refered to as General Karusath.

Role in Myths Edit

General Karusath plays a large role in Myths, and does a good deal of gruntwork in the Second War of Mescanith. He oversees the Burning of Burja, and commands Krallash's cavalry for much of the book until their eventual defeat at the Battle North of Jurnsal, whereupon he flees back to Krallash and later becomes part of the invasion force in the Battle of Gorenly Keep, an act which eventually leads to his death at the hands of Ori, a Burja-born boy whom Karusath invoked the wrath of after his village was destroyed. Karusath, who had a place as the sixth of Krallash's Champions, was then replaced by Kasvir.

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