"A pox on the man who built this city! How could the people of this filthy place find their way around?"

- Oscrael

Dunac is the name of a fairly large city in Southern Danetha, which was built in 1219 AoW by the Danethans and existed as "a haven for traders from the sea to the south" for many years, until its eventual fall from use in 1233 AoW. The city features in the book Violet Sword Blade, where multiple battles are fought there.

Layout Edit

Dunac is a large, walled city with enormous stone curtain-walls and large gates. Inside the walls is a great and sprawling city with many twists and turns, winding streets, and it is described in Violet Sword Blade that "roads and lanes wound on for miles on end". The winding and unpredictable paths often come to a stop in dead-ends and cul-de-sacs, and the whole city is centered around the Temple of Dunac, which stands in the middle of a sea of houses and shops, towering over the rest of the buildings. There is a wide and spacious main road that runs from the front gate to the foot of the Temple, several hundred metres long.

The Temple Edit

The Temple of Dunac is a large, four-storey building that serves as a city-hall, courthouse and meeting place, as well as a temple to the Danethan Religion.