Dokeria is a small settlement in the far north of Danetha which exists in the late Age of War. The village is on the fringe of the country and has few trade links or ties to other nations, and is a fairly poor settlement of peasants and farmers.

Geography Edit

Dokeria is on the very edge of Danetha, less than five miles from the border with Nareikk. It is surrounded on the north, east and west by vast open plains with few landmarks or resources readily available, and on the south descends into a steady slope which eventually comes to the edge of the Sacrime Desert.

The village supports a population of about three hundred, has stalls and shops, and a large town plaza which is used on market days, when traders from the south come to the village in the autumn. It is noted in Violet Sword Blade, in which the protagonists briefly visit Dokeria, that the town square is the only place in the village spacious enough for a whole army to stay.

In Violet Sword Blade Edit

Dokeria is most famous for its brief involvement with the Xianorus Campaign, in which a Nareikk army led by Xianorus and orchestrated by the Kazdriel movement invaded Danetha with the hopes of showing that Nareikk had not given up in their war. Dokeria was the first port of call for the invasion, and a brief but eventful battle (later known as the Battle of Dokeria) took place there, whereby the attacking Nareikk forces collided with the Danethan Military garrison present in the village. The Kazdriel won out after a short skirmish, and proceded to occupy the town for a few days before moving on after increasing resistance from the populace. The battle, as well as the whole Xianorus Campaign, is recorded in Violet Sword Blade.

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