Darsil and Ceridan are two Danethan businessmen who play a key part in the life of Baron Sarmenarin, and the construction of Fort Sarmenarin. The two live in and around the year 1212 of the Age of War, and the last recorded mention of them is in 1214 of the same age.

Darsil and Ceridan work as a double-act business in the transition period from Old Danetha to New Danetha. The two operate near the city of Bansarila, where many new aspiring business opportunities arise for budding traders and salesmen. They encounter Sarmenarin in the summer of 1212, and invite him to help them in a new business mining gold.

Their gold mines, several miles northwest of Bansarila, are comprised mainly of Sjuran workers, captured in the war with the country in Old Danetha and shipped to the New Empire under the reign of Emperor Sacrein. For nearly a year the company flourishes, and business is booming, with Darsil and Ceridan managing the operation and Sarmenarin backing it. After making a significant profit from the business, the two begin drawing up plans for more mining operations to be done away south, in the Sacrime Desert.

However, following Old Danetha's destruction at the hands of the Sjurans in the north, Emperor Sacrein begins his infamous campaign, known as the Sacrein Campaign, and begins a mass rounding up and culling of all Sjurans and their allies. Darsil and Ceridan, knowing they have a majority of Sjuran workers, abandon the operation and flee in terror, attempting to avoid reprecussions. This leaves Sarmenarin alone to manage the business and face his workers being killed.

Sarmenarin, however, does not abandon the business, and goes on to protect his workers with a large wall around the mines, eventually evolving into a fort named for him. While his work is initially successful, and he continues the business, Darsil and Ceridan, who are lying low in nearby Bansarila, are tracked down by Emperor Sacrein's soldiers, and charged with harbouring Sjurans. In an attempt to save their skin, the two show the soldiers to the mines they worked at, where Sarmenarin has built his fort, and the Baron becomes an outlaw.

The two play little more part in the affairs of Danetha, and it is assumed they go back to living in Bansarila, managing small businesses.

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