Danisi is the name of one of the three currencies used in Naiakana and Nareikk, and is widely used in both countries. It is equal to half of a Darih, which is the primary currency of the two kingdoms. It is of lesser value than the Darih, but greater value than the Ersahi, which equates to a quarter of a Darih, or half a Danisi.

Danisi, along with Ersahi and Darih, are referenced to frequently throughout Violet Sword Blade, a book heavily involved with Nareikk. There are few mentions of the Danisi, but in Overdain, the book's protagonist hears the shouts of shop vendors, one of which says "Apples, a silver Danisi a dozen!" implying that Danisi are minted from silver. It is unknown what the other currencies are minted from.