A Danethan Service Knife is a standard issue piece of equipment wielded by soldiers in the Danethan Military. The knife is about nine inches long, and is curved with a serated edge. The knife is used and referenced to multiple times throughout Violet Sword Blade.

Mentions Edit

  • A Danethan soldier, at the Battle of Theurnan Cleft, cut the rope bridge that led from one side of the Theurnan Cleft to the other, thus slowing the Kazdriel advance. Later in the battle, Mazzek Kein Rettensauth was stabbed in the leg by the same Danethan's knife.
  • Ceiden, a Danethan scout from Sakrah Outpost, cut into Mazzek's tent with a Danethan Service Knife, and then tried to use it to kill Mazzek when he was captured.
  • Zethix Dakrannsson, the leader of the Cantharan army, who are in service to Danetha, when talking about what the Danethans did to his friends and family, comments on it saying that "My beloved they raped, and then they slit her throat with their cruel knives.". This likely refers to Danethan Service Knifes, which are occasionally described as "cruel".
  • Shortly after the Second Battle of Dunac, an unnamed Danethan soldier, last surviving guard of Lady Dithasia, cuts the tether of a horse belonging to Orathes, who is conversing with his friend Astix, with his Danethan Service Knife.