Ah, the turncoat.
- Mazzek Kein Rettensauth

Critus Loersson is a Nareikk-born soldier fighting on the side of Zethix Dakrannsson's Cantharans from 1242 to 1246 AoW. He features as one of the antagonists in Violet Sword Blade, the first book of the Untaer Archives.

Bio Edit

Early life Edit

Loersson was born and raised in Avaritum, the capital of Nareikk, and, for many years, was loyal to the country, joining the Army of Nareikk at a young age in the hopes of driving back the tide of Danethans that threatened Nareikk. He was the son of a baker in the city, though his father never expected him to go on with the family business, and he had long had aspirations of being a soldier.

Service to the Council Edit

Critus saw little action for the first few years of his service in the Army of Nareikk. However, in 1242, when the Council of Avaritum began their Invasion of Danetha, Critus, being a soldier stationed at Avaritum, was one of the first to be called forward for the frontline. He obliged, naturally, and, along with several thousand other troops under the command of the Council, Loersson marched south, over the border through Lonnverek and into Danetha.

The whole operation was a miserable failure, and the armies Avaritum sent were scattered and destroyed, suffering crushing defeats at the hands of the Danethans and their newly-instated Cantharan subordinates. Critus' platoon is smashed in their attempts to sabotage a Danethan trade caravan, which turns out to be a well-planned ambush, and the majority of them are killed or captured. Critus escapes, severely wounded, and is left to wander the bleak countryside alone.

Service to Zethix Edit

While adrift in the sands of Eastern Danetha, Zethix Dakrannsson's cavalry stumbles upon Critus. Zethix pities him and demands that he be given water and bandages. After learning he is a soldier of Nareikk, Zethix sees his potential and offers him the care of his army, provided Critus serves Zethix in his army. Critus instantly agrees, and joins the ranks of the Cantharans.

Critus proved to be a great asset to Zethix's army, and he

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