Commander Anaglan, sometimes referred to as Captain Anaglan, is a commander in the Army of Nareikk who lives around 1246 Age of War. He is a character in the book Violet Sword Blade, and has a somewhat small role in the latter part of the Xianorus Campaign.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Commander Anaglan's troop are dressed in Nareikk armour, and are described in the book as "dressed in light sheet-steel armour, kettle helms and swords. Some had small round shields on their backs, with silver bosses and a green tree painted on the wood." Anaglan, being of a higher rank than the others, has a larger shield and better-made armour.

His personality is lightly touched upon in Violet Sword Blade, and it is shown that he is noble and loyal to the cause, though he at first seems hesitant when he discovers that Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, a young and thin boy of seventeen, is the commander of the Kazdriel army. However, he overcomes his scepticism and his men are of great use to the army, fighting in such battles as the First and Second Battle of Dunac, and eventually the Battle of Laberan Fields.

Role in the Book Edit

Anaglan and his forces enter the story of the book in Chapter XXXVI – "Decision and Choice". There, after Xianorus has died and Mazzek has taken command of the Kazdriel army, the force is on their way down the River Bjuane to find their way to the sea and hopefully sail back to Nareikk, in an attempt to flee. However, on the river, the Kazdriel come upon a large boat which had sailed down Brimsail in Nareikk, using the River Sormaros, to their current position.

Anaglan explains to Mazzek that he is the captain of their force, and that they are the Kazdriel's reinforcements, who answered a call from Jadina to aid the progress of the Xianorus Campaign, news of which had reached Nareikk via Tallor, a messenger who informed Fort Sarmenarin of Xianrous' death, and in turn allowed Sarmenarin to send messages to Nareikk of the Kazdriel's prowess in battle. Commander Anaglan also presents Mazzek with Elénai, the Rettensauth family sword, which has passed to Mazzek following the death of his father and brother.

After joining their ranks, Anaglan and his men meet several hardships in the following months. They find that Zethix Dakrannsson is a worthy foe, and that his Nai'shanuk minions strike fear into their hearts. However, they are made useful, and prove themselves in combat several times. During the Second Battle of Dunac, Anaglan leads his troops up to the top floor of the temple of Dunac, where they fight a small force of Nai'shanuk, but Anaglan is eventually killed by the Nai'shanuk Leader after he feigns death and Anaglan lets his guard down.

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