Clarust is a small border town in Northeastern Lareoss that exists in and around the latter part of the Age of War. In Lareoss' part in the Fall of Danetha, Clarust played a fairly important part in the battle agaist Koatesh, a heavily wooded nation to the northeast of Lareoss.

Geography Edit

Clarust is, for the most part, a quiet, sleepy town which sees little direct action in the war. It, like many towns in the north of Lareoss, is more-or-less surrounded by forest, and is built in the middle of a small, quiet glen. Most of Eastern Lareoss is fairly sparsely-populated and rural, though Clarust does see a good deal of trade from towns furter south, and has military importance too. It is the only town in its particular glen with a road leading directly into Koatesh, to the front line in the war.

Features Edit

Clarust's layout and features are briefly described in The Starlit King, a book which opens in the town. It says that the town features a "main road, where carts and wagons passed through, going to and from the border which lay north of the town, carrying supplies, weapons and aid, or carting away wounded soldiers", and that the dwellings in the town are "rows of small wooden houses, panelled and painted, windows overlooking the street", as well as having a large hotel called The Green Oak, run by Narissa Landann around 1257 AoW. Other than that, the town has a fenced-off park area and an old church dedicated to the Lareossi religion.

Role in the Book Edit

Clarust plays a moderately important part in the opening chapters of The Starlit King, and the protagonist, Rullan Gaddersson, along with his platoon (known as the Drifting Legion), are staying in the town when the book begins. They are part of the Royal Army of Lareoss, and go around the border of the country helping towns in need. Currently they are enjoying time away from the front line, though they leave Clarust in Chapter II.

It is notable that Narissa Landann, the landlady of The Green Oak Hotel, was a minor character in the book's prequel, Violet Sword Blade, where she fought in the Kazdriel alongside the protagonist, Mazzek Kein Rettensauth. It is presumed that after the Kazdriel army came to Lareoss and fought the Battle of Laberan Fields, Narissa moved to Clarust and retired from the army.

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