Ceiden is a young Danethan soldier who features a few times throughout the course of Violet Sword Blade. He appears first in Chapter XXX, "A Hostile Scout", and later in Chapter XXXIX, "Tarethec Bay". He speaks only Danethan, and his text is shown in italics.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Ceiden is a young man of about 18 with cedar-brown hair and Danethan Scout armour, blue-dyed leather and a thin sword, as well as a Danethan Service Knife which he uses to cut his way into Mazzek Rettensauth's tent. He lived in the Danethan city of Bansarila, where he had a fiancée who was pregnant with their first child. Ceiden joined the Danethan Military to earn a living for his child, and was stationed at Sakrah Outpost, a remote outpost some miles away from Fort Sarmenarin. He is described as "not an intelligent man", but he works hard and wants to be a good father to his child.

Role in the Book Edit

In the Chapter "A Hostile Scout", Ceiden dwells in Sakrah Outpost and is instructed by another of the Danethans at the outpost, Antras, to cut trees to help out in the sawmill, which generates extra wealth for Danetha by sending timber to Thelarnesis. However, while Ceiden is away on the hill gathering logs, the outpost comes under attack by the Nareikkers under the command of Xianorus, and is burned to the ground.

The next time Ceiden is seen is in Tarethec Bay, when he is captured by Oscrael and Derrassa rooting around in the Captain's things, and brought to Mazzek. Ceiden tries to attack Mazzek and is about to be killed by Oscrael, but Mazzek asks him not to kill the scout. Instead, Mazzek talks to Ceiden and asks him why he attacked him. Ceiden angrily tells Mazzek about the outpost and his fiancée, and that he wants revenge on the man who ruined his life. Mazzek appologises and promises to give Ceiden all the food and money he can spare. After this, Ceiden tries to help Mazzek by telling him about Iluvana's Caverns, and says that Lady Iluvana might be able to help Mazzek.

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