The Cantharan Corporal is an otherwise-unnamed character who features in the book Violet Sword Blade. The Corporal is a Cantharan soldier under the command of Zethix Dakrannsson. He is usually present with Zethix during the book, and is one of Zethix's most trusted soldiers, despite not being named.

Appearance and Personality Edit

The Cantharan Corporal is not described in the book, though it can be assumed that he wears the same style of black armour as the rest of the Cantharan soldiers. He is noted in the Chapter "The Battle of Laberan Fields" as using a spear, and leads his own platoon of soldiers.

He is well-liked and trusted by Zethix, and is also the most loyal of his followers. He is often concerned for the well being of his captain and his men, and, after Zethix's forces are defeated at the Battle of Laberan Fields, the corporal flees with the remaining forces in the swamps nearby. While he is not named, he is still an important character in the book, as he is the only one of Zethix's Cantharans that is not insane, and speaks in full sentences.

Role in the Book Edit

Multiple times through the book Zethix calls for his Corporal to aid him, and it appears as though the Corporal acts as a kind of advisor for his lord. He is first referenced to in Chapter XXXVII, "Zethix's Fist", and several times afterwards.

He later informs Zethix of the Nareikkers' breach of the Temple of Dunac during the Second Battle of Dunac, and is ordered to stay on the third floor of the temple while the Nareikkers push their way to the top floor and the roof, where Zethix's men have dug themselves in with the captive Erinah Resoni. While the Corporal obeys unquestioningly, Zethix makes a note of wishing him good luck, a sign that he is a valued soldier.

Towards the end of the book, the Cantharan Corporal is present at the Battle of Laberan Fields. After Lorthes, Zethix's third-in-command, is killed during the battle, the Corporal is the only surviving Cantharan with a higher rank than private. When Zethix is killed in a duel with Mazzek Rettensauth, the Corporal flees into the swamps with the surviving soldiers, after proclaiming Zethix's death and thus the defeat of the Cantharans. Nathaine says of the Corporal after the battle: "The soldiers were dismayed and their force fell apart. The Danethans went running off into the hills, and we easily defeated the rest of the corporal’s men". While it is implied that all of the surviving Cantharans are killed, it is not specifically stated that the Corporal is killed, and it is possible that he survived the battle and escaped, or was captured.