Bemerah in historical terms generally refers to a tribe descended from the Ancient Peoples from the late Age of Discovery to the late Age of War. Since then Bemerah has been used to refer to the country in which this tribe lived as well as their name.

History Edit

When the Ancient People first met with the mysterious Elriéneth in the very beginning of the Age of Magic, opinion was divided amongst the tribes as to how they should react to the presence of these strange new beings. Some, like the Bemerah and Cohferro tribes, opted to worship or offered to serve the Elriéneth, and these tribes, as well as the Burja and Prawl tribes, left Huranaifale where they had met the beings, to Senraslihil, effectively moving their entire population across the ocean.

While the Cohferro served the Elriéneth for years to come,