I was there, at the Battle of Mount Ryshese… where the Sjurans and the Nareikkers attempted to hold the mountain back from hordes of bloodthirsty Danethans. For eight days and nights my battalion slept in a crag in the mountainside. For eight days we suffered the harshest colds, fiercest winds, and endless Danethan assault.
- Watch Member.
Battle of Mount Ryshese
Mount Ryshese.


Battle of Mount Ryshese


12 March 1234 - 20 March 1234 AoW


Mount Ryshese in Canthara


Army of Nareikk, Sjuran forces, Cantharan allies.
Danethan Military.


High on both sides.


Canthara becomes dragged into the war between Nareikk and Danetha.

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The Battle of Mount Ryshese is the name of a large-scale battle fought in the war between Nareikk and Danetha in the years 1221 and 1246 Age of War; the first major conflict after the bloody Sacrein Campaign, in which the people of Sjura were killed and imprisoned in their thousands by the Danethan Military led by Emperor Sacrein. The battle itself was fought over eight days in March of 1234 and was centered around, and named for, Mount Ryshese, a relatively low but wide mountain on the border between Canthara and Danetha.

Though records are not finite, and tales of the battle have been grossly exaggerated by historians and those who fought in it, it is believed that the battle was fought between an unspecified number of Nareikk soldiers and allied forces from both Sjura and friendly Canthara, and at least 2,000 Danethan footsoldiers. It is widely believed to have been the most horrific and trying battle of the entire conflict, as in addition to the scale of the battle, fighting conditions were bad, and storms swept the mountaintop where the Nareikker force was camped.