The Battle of Corensanith was a conflict which took place on the 28th of July in the year 1246 of the Age of War. The battle was part of the Xianorus Campaign, a Nareikk-driven attack on the country of Danetha.

Background Edit

The Xianorus Campaign had been initiated two months prior to the battle, in May. Xianorus, a young Sjuran captain in the Kazdriel, had convinced General Zaegrose and General Nahama, the leaders of the organisation, to invade Danetha to show that Nareikk still had some fight left in it. After a series of attacks on the Nareikk-controlled Fort Sarmenarin, Xianorus' army moved south into the Green Region, a large area of Danetha which had rich soil and was good for farming, providing much of the produce for Northern Danetha, and to the city of Corensanith, the capital of the region.

The Battle Edit

Xianorus' Kazdriel arrived at the city to find them ready and waiting for an attack.