Baron Dulcera is the name of a baron who is the leader of Fort Sarmenarin, a large rebel settlement in the north of Danetha, in the year 1246, Age of War. He features prominently in several chapters of the book Violet Sword Blade, and is a chief protagonist during the section of the book which takes place in the fort.

Appearance and Personality Edit

Baron Dulcera is described only briefly physically in Violet Sword Blade, and is "a large, stocky man with powerful arms and a long, thick beard", and often is surrounded by several of his golden-armoured guards and occasionally Mentharos and other members of The Watch.

His personality is one of a noble man, and he is caring and understanding towards his men and his allies, never underestimating their worth. However, he is also a practical man, and in the chapter of Violet Sword Blade "XXVIII - Further Worries, Further Threats", he does not hesitate in putting the safety of his fort before the safety of Xianorus' men, and asks them to leave the fort.

Role in the Book Edit

In Violet Sword Blade, Baron Dulcera is a fairly minor character overall, but has a large part in the five-or-so chapters which take place inside Fort Sarmenarin. In this section he features frequently, and often speaks in the Main Hall of Kzahretoi, the keep in Sarmenarin, about affairs and their place in the war. He tells the Jadina-Kazdriel of the story of Baron Sarmenarin and his exploits and of the construction of the fort, and is also shown to be proficient in speaking Kosapheni, naming his keep after the word "stronghold" in Kosapheni and speaking the sentence "Rakthan renak, kversua!" meaning "Dine well, friends!".

Throughout the ensuing months and after the Attack on Fort Sarmenarin, Dulcera agrees with Xianorus to send out several scout parties into the sands and dunes around the fort to see if they can find out any information about the mysterious attacks. Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, Violet Sword Blade's primary protagonist, is in one of these search parties along with Jericho Sanirasa and Erinah Resoni, Marcus Kein Loaurth, Dane Oinaris, Narissa Landann and Loer Nakkeriasson, a mission which results in the death of Jericho Sanirasa. Soon after this, the Kazdriel leave the fort, and continue their journey into the Sacrime Desert.

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