Bareca is a Nareikker and member of the Kazdriel who appears briefly in Violet Sword Blade. He is met by Mazzek Kein Rettensauth, the main protagonist of the book, during Chapter VII - Forward Thinking. Here he introduces himself to Mazzek and inquires on Mazzek's intentions in the Kazdriel, then informing him that he joined up after his father, who was a member, was killed during the Battle of Lonnverek.

Bareca is later seen fighting during the Battle of Jadina, and warns the Kazdriel, Mazzek among them, that General Martius, their commanding officer, is in trouble. Bareca is killed shortly thereafter, however, by a Cantharan knight, who slices down at him from behind, splitting his skull.

After this, Bareca is mentioned only once in the book, in the last paragraph of the final chapter, "A New Age", in which Mazzek remembers all of his friends that have died on his journey from Hanasae into Danetha.

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