Avaritum is the capital city of Nareikk, a country in the north of Jhalinfale, which lies in the centre of the country in the cusp of the vast Vortingaer Forest which encloses the city in on all sides but south. The city is never visited in a book in the Untaer Archives, though it is mentioned several times in the book Violet Sword Blade, which is set in Nareikk.

Geograpy Edit

Avaritum lies virtually in the geometric centre of Nareikk, there being almost the same amount of ground separating it from the borders of Nareikk, though it is closer to the sea to the north. The massive Vortingaer Forest forms a barrier on all sides but the southern one, which makes the city's only main entrances to the south of it, and thus many small towns and villages have been built in and around the nearby area in the Eaves of the Forest.

Layout Edit

The city of Avaritum is well-ordered