The Army of Nareikk is the primary military force of the country of Nareikk, which existed from the late Age of War to the mid Age of Peace. The army was involved heavily in several famous military operations, such as the Invasion of Danetha, the Battle of Mount Ryshese, and the Xianorus Campaign.

Formation Edit

The Army of Nareikk's first recruits, which lived around 1200 AoW, were generally comprised of soldiers which had sailed the seas from Nareikk's mother-country, Naiakana, and their main job was fending off the native Siun tribespeople and the ferocious beasts of the newly-founded country in northern Jhalinfale.

Sacrein Campaign Edit

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After the beginning of the Sacrein Campaign in 1221, the Army of Nareikk's mettle was tested as the large empire of Danetha declared war on the budding state, following the destruction of Old Danetha by the Sjuran Empire, to whom Nareikk were allied. The Sacrein Campaign, orchestrated by the Emperor of Danetha Emperor Sacrein, was a bloody war in which the Army of Nareikk fought desperately to defend their homes from the Danethans, though the war was heavily skewed in the favour of Danetha.

Invasion of Danetha Edit

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Following the disastrous losses of the Sacrein Campaign, the Council of Avaritum, the governing body of the Army of Nareikk, began holding back its forces for fear of losing them, and sent virtually no help to Nareikk towns on the border with Danetha that were being overrun and besieged, and more ground was being lost to the Danethans daily.

Seeing the less-than-wholesome job the Army of Nareikk was doing of defending the country, several groups of well-trained and zealous soldiers and freelance warriors, including some veterans of the Army of Nareikk itself, put together a group known as the Kazdriel, a Kosapheni word meaning "blood warrior" literally, used as a moniker for an assassin, such as those who attempted to assassinate Sacrein.

Following several small battles in which the Kazdriel appeared to be doing well against the Danethans, the Council of Avaritum's hearts lightened somewhat, and they began plans for a full-scale Invasion of Danetha, which took place 1242. The whole operation fails miserably, however, and, despite initial victories, the Army of Nareikk is decimated and pulls out shortly thereafter, leaving several platoons stranded in enemy lands, where they mostly perish.