The Amthracan Lake is the name of a medium-sized lake into and from which the River Bjuane flows. It is located just south of the Theurnan Cleft in Danetha, which constitutes it being classified as in "Southern Danetha".

Geography Edit

Amthracan Lake is the largest of several small lakes, oxbow and otherwise, that lie near or in the path of the Bjuane, and Amthracan Lake is an important one, as it is the home of several species of fish, which provide the villages and towns on the banks of the lake, and indeed the whole river (of which there are many), with the majority of their food. Water from the lake is also said to be very pure and valuable, which is to do with the gold and silver found in the riverbed, and the water from it is shipped out to villages, towns and cities as far afield as Bansarila or the Sacrime Desert.

Broutarin Edit

The town of Broutarin is one of the most influential in the region, despite its relative remoteness and small size, because it gained some fame in 1246 AoW due to an attack on the town by the Nareikk army and the forces of the Kazdriel, who were chasing Zethix Dakrannsson and his Cantharan soldiers. Zethix fled the town but summoned several creatures called Nai'shanuk to defeat the Nareikkers. After a short but bloody battle, the Nareikkers emerged victorious and moved on, trying to follow Zethix, after stocking up on some supplies.

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